Private 757 and Others at KPSP!

Hello, IFC…

I feel like that is how I start all of my topics…

is it?

Oh well…

Here are some pictures I got while gate spotting at KPSP (Palm Springs). The windows were NASTY! Someone threw a pink smoothie at one of the windows and it was all dried up and crusty and disgusting!

Anyways… Here we go:

A Delta CRJ-200

A WestJet 737-800 going to Calgary

A United A319 going to SFO

A few hours later, my 737 arrived. Do you think this photo is JP worthy?

The same CRJ-200 taxiing to SLC

A Rich Boi came and chilled in his private 757-200, which he casually parked next to all the C172s and Citations…

It seems I started a tradition of putting birbs in spotting topics @anon38496261, so I’m gonna keep putting this specific birb until it becomes popular and gets all the love and appreciation it deserves.

Thank You!


Are any of these JP worthy?

Which is your favorite?

Click for full pictures.

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Ooh! I love all the close-ups, it’s different, but I like it!
That United A319 is beautiful…

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Thank You!

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I really like the close up Delta and WestJet!

And I think you should crop the Alaska 737 and then submit it with a little editing, here’s my attempt-

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That’s CRJ-200 was probably going someplace closer. I’d guess Salt Lake City not ATL


You and everyone else

Alaska and the last picture maybe if you changed the edit

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