Private 737-700 (Anchorage-Madrid)

A 737-700 BBJ, traveling to Madrid from Anchorage

Anchorage-Madrid, 737-700 BBJ on the expert server

Departure from Anchorage

Bye-Bye Anchorage

Alaska Scenery never disappoints!

Hi Canada

Sunset over Greenland

Hello France!

My Boy Jack Sparrow flying over me

Touchdown in Madrid

Parked at the Private Gates, refueling to continue onto Las Palmas


That must be a CRAZY long haul flight especially in a 737. Nice shots too! Do you happen to have the flight time?

I’m so happy you weren’t that guy that would use an Iberia A359 on this route


Yes, I saw a bunch on Iberia A350-900 flying to Madrid from Origins Iberia doesn’t fly to.


I landed in Vancouver last night in front of an Iberia CRJ, I hope he wasn’t trying to get to Spain


This would be a really cool mission though! Great post too @Alex_L!



I just wanted to show what I had caused of doing Anchorage to Madrid. Don’t worry about the photos, they are just there to show what I endured during this flight.

and No Negativity here.

What was your callsign, I saw a 737BBJ in that livery holding short of the runway I took off from.

Private1, taking off from 36L

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Well I took off right before you, sorry about the wake turbulence.

American 37 Heavy, B789

It’s fine, I didn’t die at the end.

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Great photos! What was the flight time btw?

Around 10 hours.


Wow, that’s awesome! Always glad to see people flying from Anchorage!

You probably flew over my house if you followed a real departure. Even if you didn’t purposely, you probably did, lol.

Did you make any stops?


Nice! I love the 700BBJ range capability

I am not a stalker, sorry.

Neither are hundreds of pilots who fly over it every day, lol 😂

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When you look up and see the same plane following you around


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I am going to be honest, Madrid was my stop, as I continued down to Gran Canaria.

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Wow. That’s crazy for a 737-700 lol. How long did the flight take?