Prison Airports?

MaxSez: Wanna See A State Prison from the air? The “Marion Correction Institution” in Ocala, FL is EZ IF accessible.
This main FL state prison is accessible for a photo shoot if you fly out of “Ocala Reginal” (KOCF) which is mear short miles from the rway.
It’s that big fenced facility with lotsa Buildings, (If you fly it and post a pic I’ll give you a BZ Flag Hoist)
Max Sends
(Anybody Familiar with the USMC VietEra pre-JPATD “Cross Country Prisoner Escort Program” using USAF C141 out of Great Lakes, IL, /Lackhursts NAS PM me Pls.)


This it Max?
Do I get the prize?


@Josh_Tomaz. MaxSez: Close Enough for IF Work Josh. You got it…BZ. IMG_1517 Here’s your hoist you earned it
Regards, Max

That looks more like a 737-700 to me

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In before we get a JPATS VA moving around VA prisoners through Infinite Flight.


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