Priority for staff

I really don’t wanna sound like that guy but is there some rule for IFATC’s to give staff priority in traffic flows, takeoff’s etc?

As far as I am aware of no. Staff must us the same procedures as regular pilots.

A IFATC member will know on this than me though.

Well I wasn’t supposed to make this public but Misha offers me $50 every time I see him to give him priority

All jokes aside, no. We don’t give priority.


No i literally heard a staff collect the ‘please follow instructions’😭

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All IFATC must give staff and mods priority or their ATC permissions just disappear, as if by magic…

However, back in the real world, no, we get stuck in the same queues you do, and yes, we all have got our fair shares of PFI’s.


It’s unicorn priority, not staff priority 🦄