Prioritization of New Aircraft Additions and Remasters of Existing Aircraft - An Honest Opinion

There are growing concerns among me and my group of friends who, like all of you, play Infinite Flight, and are well aware of the dynamics, demographics, and developments of the community of Infinite Flight players. Although a series of new updates have been released, all of which dramatically change the landscape and dynamics of IF, there are still many unfilled requests for new aircraft and other peripheral features that help enhance the realism of IF.

First of all, the bulk of feature requests are for new aircraft additions as well as remasters of existing aircraft, particularly regional and short-haul single-aisle aircraft such as the C-Series and ATR42/72. As evidenced by my frequent monitoring of live maps, very few people fly regional and short-haul aircraft, and most opt for long haul widebody aircraft, despite the latter usually being less recent than the former within the game. Such is the case with the DHC8 and CRJ - despite them being relatively new additions to the game, their rates of usage are not as prevalent as something like an A330 or 787, by a long shot. This is what happens when a highly vocal minority group who wants one type of product manages to displace a silent majority that wants a wholly different product - the vocal minority’s demands are met, but at the cost of the silent majority who are stuck with a dilapidated inventory of outdated products. The vocal minority use a wide variety of excuses in an attempt to rationalize and justify their demands, such as arguing in favor of performance shortages in their aircraft, as well as making exorbitant claims that blatantly disrespect the majority of IF’s audience.

There are many aircraft that are in urgent need of a full remaster, as they have not been updated or kept current since the early releases, such as the A330, A340, A380, 747, 757, and 767. Although objectionable, most will agree that these aircraft should be prioritized over new aircraft additions at this stage (although I admit the A350 is a welcome addition,) and that the aforementioned aircraft, once remastered, have great potential to be highly desirable aircraft for a wide range of applications, by a long shot compared to short-haul aircraft. It is therefore imperative for the developers and upper management to prioritize remasters of existing aircraft over completely new additions to the lineup, despite what the vocal minorities claim.

If such a trend of prioritizing new aircraft additions over remasters of the current inventory is allowed to continue, it will soon prove highly unsustainable - there are hundreds of thousands of aircraft designs outside of IF’s lineup, and attempting to construct them for addition into IF’s inventory can call for unsustainable growth. Meanwhile, the existing inventory becomes obsolete relative to the new additions, meaning that players who are loyal to the existing inventory will be demoralized by the lack of improvement, potentially causing a loss of fanbase, as well as a migration of existing players to other more advanced products. In other words, this causes an imbalance in the dynamics of Infinite Flight’s aircraft inventory, as well as inconsistencies that can damage the user experience.

I know not everyone will agree with my words, and that nobody is obliged to agree with one another - we live in a free and democratic society where people are entitled to their own opinions and are encouraged to willingly defend or change their own opinions. I would like to hear what others have to say regarding this issue, though I do advise that human decency be maintained in the comments section. Thank you very much.


I don’t think this is a trend at all. Over the last two years, we’ve only seen the TBM and A350 added, while the CRJ, A-10, 172, and Super Decathlon (replaced by a similar aircraft) have all been given ground-up reworks, along with a couple soft reworks.

We’ve also seen large improvements to ATC, the in-app map, and navigation abilities that make Infinite Flight more realistic.

New planes are new, and they get a lot of attention for being just that. Infinite Flight needs to add new planes to keep existing customers happy and attract new ones. But Infinite Flight has also demonstrated a commitment to improving what we already have.


So- TL;DR would be that you believe reworks of existing aircraft in IF should be prioritized over new aircraft additions? - just making sure.

Thanks for the well thought-out and eloquent post, I love reading content like this as it fosters productive discussion, and thanks for leaving the disclaimer at the end, always helpful to remind everyone to feel comfortable sharing what they think in a polite and respectful way.

My two cents based on your opinion:

I think more smaller aircraft (CRJ/TBM/XCUB/C172) have been added recently as a springboard for larger projects, such as the a350. Logically, live cockpit was introduced with a smaller aircraft (A10) before being featured in a later iteration (A350), this has allowed devs to test new features on a smaller scale before adapting them to larger, more complicated uses. If the devs had chosen say the hypothetically reworked A380 to be the guinea pig for the first iteration of live cockpit, this would’ve been a monumental time and effort consumption, and the inefficient choice.

Obviously I agree that the majority of IF’s playerbase favors using large commercial aircraft in-game, but certainly this fact is not overlooked by the devs- they know this- and as I explained above, the aircraft you list such as the 74/75/767 and A33/A34/A380 will be reworked to the highest possible quality in due time, and the recent additions/reworks of smaller aircraft have laid the groundwork for amazing future development that I look forward to!

Again, this is my personal opinion, but thanks for this topic!


Thanks for your thoughts, @Brandon_Ng. Please keep in mind that the XCub, TBM, and CRJ were, in some cases low hanging fruit and test beds for things like live instruments. What good is a fully reworked A330 without a functional cockpit (which is what you would have ended up with had we not taken the path we did)? Our development team is very small, so we need to follow a systematic route to achieve certain goals.

Further, even though we’ve tried to be as transparent as possible with development, there are still things we keep close to the chest since we don’t know the outcome. You know already that things like weather and buildings are VERY important to flight simmers. We know this as well, and we’re working on them (we have been for a while). These things all come at a cost: time, performance cost, etc. I think the greatest of these is time. If I could snap my fingers, we’d add all of our latest tech (instruments, gear tilt, wing flex, etc) to our entire fleet tomorrow.

My TL;DR… we understand you want better airliners, and we’re starting with the B777. That’s all the news I have to share there right now and it’s old news. But don’t misunderstand our need to go smaller in order to deliver big down the road.

Cheers. 🤘🏼


Here are my two cents:

I believe what OP was implying was that reworked aircraft should simply be prioritized over “new” aircraft that aren’t already in game, such as the A220 or the 737MAX.

Without a doubt, small aircraft such as the A10, XCub and CRJ have been incremental stepping stones in the development and improvement of later aircraft, such as the A350. Even if a minority fly those aircraft, they still hold some significance due to this reason. However, I believe this opinion piece simply asserts that aircraft reworks should be prioritized over new aircraft being added. Without a doubt many aircraft (A330/340, 757 A380) are in dire need of a rework, not to mention that one can deduct from votes that these aircraft are highly popular. Reworking aircraft ensures a balanced fleet, where there are more realistic options to choose from and less unrealistic aircraft to fly, rather than a scenario where a top of the range A220 coexists with a severely outdated 757. Even if it is true that new planes get attention, it is not to say that older aircraft like the aforementioned four will not receive attention and popularity if being given reworks. If the “rework old aircraft first” philosophy is indeed being followed, then I am grateful for that being the way it is. Not only does reworking old aircraft ensure a balanced fleet, but the majority that fly heavy metal can be satisfied.

So TL;DR, OP is trying to imply that reworks should be prioritized over adding new aircraft, and acknowledges the significant role smaller past aircraft have played in improving realism for larger aircraft as we all know.


Ignoring the A350 demand (by far the greatest demand in our history) would have been a huge misstep, and the B777 is a rework. Not sure how your point differs from our actual path. We’re on the same page, and I understand the OP’s point.

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A350 is definitely an exception because demand for it was overwhelmingly huge, but hey, now the demand has been satisfied (at least for the most part), perhaps reworking aircraft can now be a priority for the staff.

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It literally is the current priority.


Glad to hear…more power to y’all and keep it up!


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