Princess Juliana Airport Landing Competition @ TNCM - 221600ZJUL19 [COMPLETED]

Hey IFC,
Welcome to my first Event! I am very excited to announce that I will be holding a landing competition @ TNCM on July 22nd! The judges on the day will be critiquing how smooth your landing was, If your on the center line or not, and how much runway you take up. The landings will be evenly spaced apart to allow for a runway backtaxi (if needed).

Princess Juliana International

Server: Training Server

Airport: TNCM

Time: 1500Z

Date: July 22nd 2019

RULES: 1. Smoothest Landing Wins 2. Judges will start judging as soon as you enter your final 3. No Trolling, if you troll you will be automatically disqualified! 4. Be respectful and mind other players 5. Judges will have a private PM to discuss the landing 6. You will get a score average out of 10 from the judges, all scores will be posted on this forum after your landing.

NOTAM: Remember to be as realistic as possible during this event. After landing taxi at realistic speeds, give way to other planes, and communicate via Unicom when necessary. Trolling will NOT be tolerated! Spawn in 5 minutes prior to the event starting time, all planes will be 5NM apart for landings, this gives the most time for planes to enter and exit the runway.

This event takes place on the training server so all rules will be enforced. If ATC is active at the airport, please follow all of their instruction as you may be subject to ghosting. Use of only planes from real flights that come to TNCM.

To Sign Up:
Enter the gate you wish to be at, callsign and what plane (The biggest plane you are allowed to use is the 757) you will be using for the event. (Make sure the plane you are using fits your gate) Thanks!

Tower Controller: @Sashaz55
Approach Controller: @Ben_W


  1. @Don_King
  2. @Pascal2910
  3. @Vinne

Limited spots available, SIGN UP NOW

1.(A01). @AarkonTV (A320)
2. (A02). @Kevinsoto1502 (A320)
3. (A03). @CaptJJ (A319)
4. (A04). @Cristian_Caballero (739)
5. (B01). @Scandinavian106 (738)
6. (B02). @George_Alazar (739)
7. (B03). @Altaria55 (739)
8. (C04). @Suhas (CRJ7)
9. (C03). @KGJT-9149 (A320)
10. (GA B04). @rob1 (738)
11. (GA B03). @Zach007 (A320)
12. (GA B02). @Infinite_Qantas (A319)
13. (GA B01). @anon53654994 (C205)
14. (C05). @Honeydew_Caymanian (A321)
15. (C06). @EJ1 (738)


I will take ATC!


Sweet! What do you want ground tower or approach

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Ground Tower

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Cool thanks

There is no ground frequency at Princess Juliana.

Oh ok then just tower

@Sashaz55 it is on Expert server.

Sorry I didn’t notice just you won’t get ATC if it’s on Expert.

Ok we will change to training

If anyone knows anyone who would want to sign up get them to!

Sign me up! :) May I use a 747? Only 3 gates for them big babies, Gate A03 if I may?

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Sure! Thanks for signing up

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Sign up guysse

Will we go to another airport and then land st this airport?

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No we takeoff from tncm

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Ok I’ll do it

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Ok what gate and plane, and callsign

Ummmm isn’t this at 3amCST

Your right! I can’t do it