Primera Air to cease all operations on the midnight of October 1st, 2018


Now, this is actually terrible. Primera Air is one of my favorite airlines and seeing them go bankrupt just after a short time is horrible. Apparently, the ULCC strategy they were using didn’t work out well and they now are filing for bankruptcy.
Heres some words from them:
"Airline Primera Air and IATA codes PF and 6F have been suspended as of today, October 2nd, 2018. On behalf of Primera Air team, we would like to thank you for your loyalty. On this sad day we are saying Goodbye to all of you."
It’s really sad seeing airlines go, and this one especially.


Weeeell… that’s that, Goodbye, Goodnight 😴😪

Btw, I love their livery, will be sad to see them leaving :(

well there’s goes another airline in like the last week… never flew them but they did fly from my home airport (CYYZ) to London Stansted, Sad…

No!!! I was so desperately waiting to see there Primera 737max 9!


Another one?

How many did we loose this year?


I was considering flying them transatlantic. It cost more to get to the East coast then it did to Europe.

Crikey. They have a fleet of brand new A321NEOs as well 😐


Airbus delivery delays had a big part in this. I kinda blame Airbus for this but it was also Primera’s strategy. Poor seeing brand new a321neo’s stop operating after only a couple months. I hope another airline gives these a321’s something to do

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It’s a shame that they are closing down. 😩😭

Just a week ago they announced will begin Flights from Paris to Israel
Too bad I waited to see them


Aww, I Always liked their livery, I thought they would succeed.


That’s disappointing 😞

Sad to see another airline go :(. Never got to spot them. Now just waiting for the YYZ relief flights.


It’s very unfortunate to see so many airlines cease operations. I always had like their livery and hopefully this will rarely happen in the future.

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It’s the passengers I feel sorry for after all the airline isn’t protected so they have to make their own way back and pay for flights back home

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Very unfortunate. However with a business model similar to theirs it is not surprising, usually ULCCs tend to be a hit or miss, and Primera got the unlucky side. Too bad IAD loses another carrier.

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Maybe they could chuck some of there A321 neos to air nz



Not much more to say about this 🤷‍♂️

No - this act was not done by me…


Wow, everything just comes and goes by fast. Primers especially had some good aircraft. It’s really sad for them to go (They flew transatlantic to EWR but never saw them) 😢. I do wonder who there A321NEOS will go to? 🤔

The aviation memes bandit has come back for one more run!

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