Primera Air 737-8Q8 Reg. OY-PSA

Primera (originally JetX) is a Danish-Latvian airline that currently operates a fleet of 14 aircraft, including 7 737-800s. These form the backbone of their scheduled and charter flights in and around Europe, and they seat 189 passengers, and have 3 lavatories. Due to a current shortage of A321 pilots for Primera’s transatlantic flights (supposedly operated by their brand-new A321neos), some of the 737-800 fleet is being used (including the aircraft pictured below - OY-PSA) to fulfil these flights, with a stop over in Reykjavik (KEF) to refuel. I am requesting this aircrft both because of its great livery and the fact I was stuck on it 10 hours the other day on my way back from EWR.

This aircraft in question is 11.3 years old, first flying on 22/05/2007. It has winglets, and was originally registered TF-JXD when operated by the (Icelandic) JetX. It has been operated by JetX, Jet2 and Primera Air, and has 2 x CFMI CFM56-7B27 engines.

Thanks for reading and please spare a vote if you like the livery!


Photo credit Terry Wade via Jetphotos.

Saw request. Liked idea. Looking for vote now.

EDIT: Voted.

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Nice livery. Would vote but out of votes.

Terrible airline though.

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Nice Scandinavian livery, got my vote.


Well, if they can get their pilots sorted out, I’d rate them 10/10. They’re the only airline I’ve ever flown to serve food nice enough that I would buy it voluntarily. The fact that I could fly from London to New York for £300 return, including food, baggage and a reserved seat (that’s more than BA offers for £900), and that the outbound was perfect, nice crew, clean aircraft and a bit early, hopefully means that they’ll go on to better things as an airline. Also, the longer they stay in business, the more times I get fly TATL.

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Yeah, their Stansted ops worked really well. They really messed people about in Birmingham though. They put flights for sale that were non refundable and then cancelled all of them and closed the routes leaving hundreds of passengers dissatisfied.