Prime Air 767

Hello IFC! I want to suggest that a livery be added to the Boeing 767 family on Infinite Flight. It is a cargo livery, founded by Jeff Bezos. This cargo company, known for shipping and handling packages, Prime Air, is fairly young and its livery looks very modern on the 767. This would be cool to see In finite Flight because there aren’t many cargo companies that use the 767 other than UPS and FedEx. Anyways, back to the livery. It is very modern, with blue and black stripes. Below is a brief history about Prime Air itself.

Some Information About Prime Air According to Wikipedia
  • In late 2015, Amazon began trial cargo runs out of Wilmington Air Park under the code name Project Aerosmith. In December 2015, Amazon announced that it would begin its own cargo airline to expand its capability.[3]

  • In March 2016, Amazon acquired options to buy up to 19.9 percent of Air Transport International’s stock and began scheduled operations with 20 Boeing 767 aircraft.[4]

  • On January 31, 2017, Amazon announced that Amazon Air would make Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) its principal hub,[5] which began operations on April 30, 2017. Amazon received $40 million in tax incentives and plans to begin construction on a 920-acre (1.44 sq mi; 3.7 km2) facility with a three-million-square-foot (0.11 sq mi; 0.28 km2) sorting facility and parking space for over 100 cargo aircraft;[6] the project is estimated to cost $1.5 billion.[7]

  • In December 2017 the company, which was named Amazon Prime Air, announced its rebranding as Amazon Air to avoid confusion with the Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service.[8]

  • As of June 2018, Amazon Air had 20 of its 33 cargo planes based at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), with the rest flying point-to-point transit routes across the United States. Amazon Air was to move into office space at the former Comair headquarters by March 2018.[5]

  • Amazon leased 10 additional Boeing 767-300 planes from ATSG in December 2018.[9]

  • Amazon Air pre-positions items closer to their destinations, not making package delivery in concurrence with specialists FedEx or United Parcel Service. Amazon’s utilization is 6–7 h per day, less than half than FedEx Express or UPS Airlines’ 767s. From their respective hub, Amazon reaches fewer than 30 markets, some less than daily, while FedEx’s network touched 130 markets multiple times per day, with little overlap in capacity, frequency or markets served. Amazon’s shipping costs (sorting process, delivery center and transportation) rose from $11.5 to $27.7 billion between 2015 and 2018. Amazon plans a regional air hub at Fort Worth Alliance Airport and does not airlift third-party goods.[[10]](

  • For 2019 and 2020, Amazon has committed to leasing 10 additional 767-300 aircraft from Air Transport Services Group.[11] This would bring active aircraft to a total of 50. Phase one of the CVG sort facility, encompassing 440 acres is scheduled for completion in 2020, while the remaining 479 acres will be developed by 2025–2027 during phase two.[12] Amazon eventually plans to have over 100 aircraft based at CVG with over 200 daily flights[6] and 15,000 employees.[13]

Thank you for taking time our of your day to read this. Please consider voting for this as I think this would be a great addition to infinite flight.

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