Primary Airports or Secondary Airports?

Hi IFC, been a while

So I was thinking, Do you guys like Primary Airports (LAX, JFK, Heathrow) or Secondary Airports (Long Beach/ Burbank, Newark/La Gaurdia, London City/Gatwick). I think the secondary airports are more relaxed and easy-to-get-through, if you know what I mean. Anyways, let me know what you think!

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I like secondary mainly because they are less crowded.


If you think LaGuardia is relaxed and easy to get through… oh boy


It is one of the worst airports in the world!

I’m not asking what your favorite airport is, I’m asking whether you like big or small airports.

This is not #real-world-aviation related. That’s only meant for IF


Secondary airports are the coolest and best airports

I actually like primary airports more, living next to Heathrow all my life as developed my love for these bustling hubs.

I honestly prefer larger airports. I love watching planes operating in and out of the terminal (I’ve had 4/5hr delays at KDEN twice, and I was entertained the whole time). Smaller airports are just 1–2 Aircraft per 5 hours.


Definitely prefer primary airports. But some exceptions. For example, Mumbai International Airport, the world’s 29th busiest, so may not exactly be primary.
But, it’s the world’s busiest airport operating on a single runway, so spotting is still super fun cuz all the traffic is bottlenecked on one runway.

Relatable. LaGuardia is hell on Earth. I would rather take forever and drive to Newark.

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It depends. LaGuardia is a landfill compared to JFK, but everywhere else I like the secondary airports! LGB is one of my favorite airports and I love it.

Newark is not a Secondary airport. They have the most traffic for New Jersey. KLGA is a secondary airport for New York.

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Secondary because it means (in IF) you can explore new places and look at the amazing scenery. I like the Primary airports but they are often very crowded

(for example like VHHH was last Sunday for the Expert ATC Schedule, that was absolute insanity, it was just packed with like 100-200 aircraft most of the time)

I like Lax because although it is a primary airport, it is pretty simple and I like seeing the traffic. I’ve flown out of Burbank, and Ontario which are way easier but there is less traffic there usually. I’ll be flying into Long Beach for the first time soon!

Ive been by LaGuardia at central park in new york and you’d see plane after plane after plane

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LGA is a primary airport with secondary infrastructure; two runways, small taxi area, crowded and outdated terminals, and on top of that the lack of decent public transit (you have to deal with a bus to the subway since the MTA is too lazy to build one to the airport).

Would KPIT be considered a secondary airport? Unfortunately Inthink it is…

So I prefer secondary then…

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