Pricing Based on Use (Idea)

The current pricing model has it where you pay per month/6 months/1 year. For 1 month (30 Days), you pay about $0.33/day.For 6 months (183 Days), you pay about $0.27/day. For 1 year (365 Days), you pay about $0.22/day. I used the amount of money divided by the number of days to get those numbers ($$$/# of Days). For people who are more busy and in school (or remote learning), like me, there should be an option where you pay based on how much you play. You would pay a certain amount for every day you log on to infinite flight, adding up to a monthly bill. For example, if I log on 20/30 days in a month I would pay $0.33x20 which is $6.60. If the rate was changed to $0.49/day, it would be $9.80. $0.50/day would be $20, which is the price you pay for 1 month right now. I don’t think it’s right where I should pay $10 month when I can barley get in a full flight, which is why I don’t have global anymore.

This is just an idea.

Also I don’t know what category to put this into, so I put it into general because it doesn’t have to do with a specific category.


MaxSez: I I thought the Forum was for aviation related items and ideas. Fiscal matters should be discussed on other IF venues me thinks!
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You pay for a fixed price. I can see where you’re coming from, but in the scheme of things you’re given an all access account for a period of time.

Over time you do pay less, because on the whole scheme of things longer term payments include less tax, meaning either way you pay, you’re paying the developers about the same in a year for any payment

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Technically not an option.