Prices are higher

I took a break from IF to concentrate myself on school and when I went back I noticed that the prices are higher than normal. Are there news that I missed? They were €5 and now they are €5.50

In Indonesian Rupiah, The Prices are still the same when I checked it again since 1½ years ago

I think the developers haven’t done a price change since you left for awhile. I believe there must be a significant flunctuations that makes the price rises 50 cents

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What in particular are you referring to? Also, which App Store are you using (country) Aircraft prices vary but regions and subscriptions are the same in GBP.

Exchange rates fluctuate.


It depends on the currency you are using. The FDS use US$. Fluctuations in the global market can affect the price. If you use dollars, there should be no change in pricing.


Because the prices of everything changed, I think that is the global market

Which currency are you using?

Euro. I live in the Netherlands

Here you go - this answers your query. To summarise most prices went up by a little (nothing major) due to a change in the AppStore’s policy - that should be what you are seeing.

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This is an old topic. I bought somewhere in march a new aircraft and then the prices where normal.

Are you sure? Maybe there was another, less major, change in policy that flew under the radar. Either way, if it was a change from FDS, there would have beeen an announcement - so this is most likely another Apple poilicy change.

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Anyway thank you for your help

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No problem - the morale of the story is to just buy Live + ;)