Price of Global and how much time and space will take up?

**Hey Guys!
Global is currently in Alpha testing and I’m pretty excited. But meanwhile, I thought to myself if, would take up a lot of space and how much? Or how long would it take to download or what will be the price because I’m pretty sure something like this that has been being designed, tested and built for more than 4 months is not going to be for free.

If you have are sure of the information you know about the upcoming Global, I’d be happy to know so comment! **

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Pricing has not been released yet. There is no point in speculating. Check out that topic for further informations. :)


It will stream scenery, so it won’t take up that much space. However you will need an active internet connection.

As for the price, no one knows. It is currently being discussed by the developers.


To answer your questions:

  1. Pricing is not discussed yet, but will be part of a somewhat subscription.
  2. It won’t take up much space as most of the scenery is streamed.

Hope these answer your questions!


They are still trying different price modules for Global and it should work well and not lag as long as you have a good phone/tablet :)

Thanks @Mats_Edvin_Aaro so basically no download?

Yeah, I have an iPhone 7 Plus so should be fine ;)

Everything regarding global is all here, my friend:

The pricing of global hasn’t been discussed, though, like others have said.


Ok thanks @Nathan Nathan


Think of it like streaming movies from Netflix.

You don’t download the whole movie, but as you progress through the movie it will download a small portion ahead, taking up less space for you. :) When you’re done with it, it will be deleted


Why can’t you guys just be patient and wait for it to come out? Do you need to know every little detail in advance? Only time will tell…


@Henrik would say the time will tell