Previously purchased 737s

Hi all,

I still haven’t been able to get global and before that was even a thing I purchased the 737-800. I was wondering if - when the update happens - I will keep my purchase of that aircraft or will it become a pro-only aircraft. I presume that the 737-700 will remain free also which brings me on to another point, will the reworked A-10 remain free or will it go pro-only.

I appreciate that most on the IFC won’t know the answers to this but if anybody does then please let me know down below.

Thanks for reading, BlueFlame

No, the 737 is only a improvement to the current mode, which means it will not become a pro aircraft. You will still get it. The A-10 will also remain as a free aircraft. Infinite Flight Developers said, “if the aircraft is a free aircraft, it will remain as a free aircraft.”


Decent, thank you

I dont believe the 737 is a actual rework

Yes it is, it’s going over the graphics and adding scimitar wings wherever

Correct, it’s just a improvement. The cockpit will stay the same. Sorry, just reworded it wrong!😂

Its all good

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Mods, you can close this whenever - I have the answer I need. Thanks