Previous problem persisting

You may have seen my post the other day about this:
Well, I followed what was suggested, which was to restart, and even reinstall the application. However, it has now happened again for the third time in a row. It seems to happen now every time I do a long flight.

This is really not good enough. I would like to remind you that I am paying real money, and not exactly a small amount of it, in order to have the features of high quality scenary, and global flight. Well, I can’t fly Global without that happening, and it is certainly not high quality scenary. You may think, well that scenary is perfectly good enough for over water. Think again when I tell you that is over land in North America.

If this problem is not resolved promptly, I will be requesting a refund of some sort, as I am pretty much giving away money and not getting anything in return at the moment.


I see your previous topic was closed. Are you still on the iPad Pro 9.7”?

Other than restarting and reinstalling, what else have you tried? Have you tried lowering your IF graphics settings to Low/Low/Low and seeing if you still get the black terrain?

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No I haven’t. My device is one of the best out there, and should be able to run this on the highest graphics without problem. I don’t want to ruin my flight experience with bad graphics.

Your previous post stated that it was fixed which is why the thread was closed.

Can you please lower your graphics settings and see? Then we can work our way up to see if it comes back. While the device is powerful it is impossible for FDS to know what you have installed utilizing CPU and network resources.

I didn’t say it was fixed. I hadn’t done another long haul since then.

It is always fine when I initially spawn in

Ok. Can you please try changing the settings and see if that makes a difference?

If it still persists I suggest you continue your issue in the original thread where multiple people are having the same issue across many devices. While your device may be initially powerful enough, something is using the resources during a flight resulting in what you are reporting.

Ok, with all due respect, I don’t think you understand what’s going on. There are lower end devices running on max. graphics, without this problem, so it cannot possibly be anything to do with the graphics. If an iPad Pro can’t run it on max. graphics, nothing can. I also don’t think you realise that in order to find out if the problem happens again, I will have to do another long haul, only to probably find the problem is still there, stressing me out more than I quite clearly already am.

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Calm down. I’m running the exact device you are and i am not experiencing any issues.

I think everyone understand that this is a real issue, but it’s obviously not a consistent one which makes it hard to reproduce. Especially since it’s not happening on all devices, not even all devices of the same model.


I do understand what is going on and you are not alone with the issue. I am trying to help. You made the decision to post a message so you should be willing to try what people are suggestion that helped others.

What you are experiencing is likely a constraint in resources. Yes it works fine when spawning but after a 20 hour flight your device may be struggling to keep up. How do we know if the settings works unless you try it. If you have other apps running all at the same time that can impact things as well including your network speed which the scenery is streamed. The developers are aware of performance issues with devices and are looking into it for potential updates.

I am just trying to help, please do not attack me. I didn’t have to reply, I wanted to.


Ok, thank you for understanding that it is an issue. Do you also understand why I would want money back for this?

I didn’t mean to attack you, and I’m not denying that you are trying to help, and in fact I thank you for trying to help. I’m just simply dismissing your suggestion because it can easily be rendered as unrelated, given the points I made.

I know how horrible I’m coming across, but it’s just really annoying how long we’ve all waited for this update, and then it doesn’t work.

Again, I am not saying your device cant render, I am saying that over time running it on High may use up resources and result with what you are saying. If you change it to medium it may help longer flights.

Wait, I’ve just thought of something. @schyllberg, you said you have the same device as me. Firstly, do you have the automatic low power mode in settings enabled?

Yes. LPM is activated.
Everything set to high.
I’ve even had complete disconnects from all kinds of networking without experiencing this.

Okay, so yours looks like this?
@schyllberg Just like this if yes

And, I’m being ignored again, great. Ok, I’ll assume that yours is like that @schyllberg, and move on to the next question, which is do you have “limit frame rate to optimise battery life” enabled

Calm down. This is not a chat room or instant message. It may take a few minutes for a reply.

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No. I’m at the emergency room with my daughter. I’ll reply when i have the chance. Not ignoring.

Yes. It is ticked.


Ok, thank you. That means that my diagnosis is not correct. I just thought that it has only happened since I enabled those two settings. I’ll still try without them enabled again just in case. And just to make you happy @Chris_S, I’ll even try with lower settings if that doesn’t work :)