Previous App purchase not recognized

So as you probably know infinite flight sometimes takes up a lot of space due to downloads. A good way to fix this issue is to delete and reinstall the app. I did this a few moments ago and when I went to reinstall it it doesn’t recognize that I own it. How do I fix? Thanks

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It should automatically have known you previously downloaded. Did you switch devices (from Android to Apple) or switch Apple IDs?

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This seems more is an Apple/iOS issue I would contact Apple support about this. Good luck getting back in the air again!

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Nope no switch. Been on iPad Pro 1st gen since 2017

Can you confirm that you are logged in onto the same Apple ID as when you purchased the app? You can see if this is the Apple ID you purchased Infinite Flight on if you go on “Purchases” when viewing your Apple ID on the App Store.

Hey there! Pretty sure this happened to me when I had to reset my iPad and I wanted to re-download Minecraft. A way to figure this out is by clicking the purchase option, confirming the purchase, and then a message should come up saying something like this: “This app was already purchased on another device, would you like to like to re-download it on this device for free?”
Let me know if I was wrong or if this helped out!
EDIT: A quick warning, before doing this, you should do this after checking your previous purchases. If for some reason it’s not in your previous purchases and you tried what I said before then you basically just bought it again.

Thanks guys! I’m back in the skies. It oddly enough just let me re download it again after a day. No purchase required


Mine has been having interesting things happen too. Been saying no purchase, restart the app, and it’s back.

I’m on iPad.

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