Preview for WOW Air A320 is Cutoff

Hello! Just reporting a small issue I’ve noticed. While choosing an aircraft, if you select the WOW Air livery on the A320, the preview is cutoff. I quickly checked some other aircraft to see if I was getting the same issue, and it didn’t seem so. I also spawned in with the livery and everything seemed fine. So, it seems this is just a preview issue with WOW Air, at least for me.

Device/App Info

2014 iPad Air 2
iPadOS 14.6
Infinite Flight 21.03

Steps to Reproduce Issue

  1. Open IF
  2. Select a new Aircraft
  3. Select WOW Air A320

How I Tried to Resolve the Issue

  • Restarted App
  • Restarted Device
  • Cleared Scenery Cache that was a joke, please don’t hurt me

I know this isn’t a very big issue, but it’s still an issue on my end… so here we are. Please say if you can/can’t reproduce.


Hey, thanks for your detailed report.

This issue happens if there’s a disruption in your internet connection when first downloading the preview image. The only way to allow the app to re-download it is to reinstall it. Make sure to backup any replays you may have if you decide to do this.

Cheers :)


Thank you for letting me know about this issue. I appreciate the reply!


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