Preventing long haul crashing

Today I’ve done 3 long haul flights on my second device (iPad Pro 2018 11 inch). 1/3 flights survived the Trans-Atlantic. During the other 2 flights, my iPad crashed leaving me in ruins and pondering on what to do. Is this a 19.4 update problem? Will it be patched? And what positions should I put my iPad in to lower the chances of crashing? And other tips please.


Yes it is being worked on! If all goes well it should be out with 20.1.

Whew, I hope.

Hi, I recommend looking at this: Support FAQ 19.4 - Please read this before posting!

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I believe if you position your camera facing up so it doesn’t render in the ground, you should have less of a chance. Correct me if I’m wrong though.


Before every flight
clear RAM
make sure settings are not on high
clear senery catch
and point to the sky to prevent a crash

Iv managed to complete a 16 hour flight on my iPad mini (2019) which only has 3GB ram. I lowered the graphics and switched off anti aliasing after takeoff, switched to tower camera once at cruise, cleared the cache and it seemed to work :)

and I did a 17 hour and a 45mins flight last night
and this worked great!


Before every flight I restart my IPad (2020 IPad Air), i clear the scenery cache and during flight I point the camera upwards. I’ve done 6 long hauls (9-11 hours) and the game hasn’t crashed once, hope it stays like this.

This issue mostly affects IOS devices with 2GB ram and less.

An alternative fix that was provided was to go into cockpit cam and face the overhead panel during cruise. This stops the device from having to render in scenery, resulting in less use of ram

It never crashed to me. I am using an iPad 2018. It’s just using every tool you have to prevent it… restart your device before the flight, turn on the option “low power mode”, etc.

Many of us have repeated each other! To avoid crashes look at the post below, a fix is being worked on and if ready will be released in 20.1 just hang in there!
Please lets not crowd the forum, there are over 40000 of us!

Also linked below is the thread for app crashes on IOS, take a look at it and if you have any more questions ask on that… It is a very active thread

Happy Flying :D

Agreed - my iPad mini would crash (even with 3GB ram) on flights of 10+ hours of duration with high graphics and by loading scenery in cockpit view.


this is what i have done on my long hauls, and my game is yet to crash (watch me jinx myself aha)

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Should I point towards the sky? or should I use top panel of cockpit?

If it’s the time, should it be night and morning?

Time does not matter. What I’m doing is pointing the camera directly to the cockpit floor or ceiling, to an extent that the scenery cannot even be seen.

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I’ll try that!

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This trick has proved very effective for me, tail cam straight up. Pretty much doubled my device’s long haul capability (could be more but I don’t have the patience to test that).

Also I have heard from multiple people who face their cockpit cam at the ceiling that the game still likes to crash and the tail cam is more effective.


Nope, non of your suggestions worked. My game crashed 6 hours in