Prestons World Tour

Hello everyone! Ive been seeing a lot of people doing a World Tour, so I thought I would do my own! I actually started doing this a few months ago but had to stop and pick a more efficient route. Some details for the tour. The aircraft we will be using is the CL35 a very nice plane to take around the world, the dates for the routes random, if i feel like doing a route one day i will just do it, and if you can join, feel free, after all this we most likely be few months long! If you want to join let me know and i can ping you before each departure! If you join please use the callsign World 2/3/4/5 ETC mine will be World 1! Well heres the route down below!

Ping list

@Flyin.Hawaiian for Hawaiian legs

There are 57 routes in total!


Phoenix to Denver - Complete

Denver to Dallas

Dallas to Chicago

Chicago to Miami

Miami to Atlanta

Atlanta to Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. to New York

New York to Boston

Boston to Rekavik

Rekavik to Edinburgh

Edinburgh to London

London to Amsterdam

Amsterdam to Frankfurt

Frankfurt to Paris

Paris to Lisbon

Lisbon to Madrid

Madrid to Barcelona

Barcelona to Rome

Rome to Athens

Athens to Instanbul

Instanbul to Cairo

Cairo to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv to Riyadh

Riyadh to Dubai

Dubai to Mumbai

Mumbai to Bangkok

Bangkok to Singapore

Singapore to Jakarta

Jakarta to Learmonth

Learmonth to Perth

Perth to Adelaide

Adelaide to Melbourne

Melbourne to Auckland

Auckland to Sydney

Sydney to Alice Springs

Alice Springs to Darwin

Darwin to Denpasar

Denpasar to Ternate

Ternate to Manila

Manila to Hong Kong

Hong Kong to Taipei

Taipei to Shanghai

Shanghai to Beijing

Beijing to Seoul

Seoul to Tokyo

Tokyo to Midway

Midway to Lihue

Lihue to Honolulu

Honolulu to Maui

Maui to San Francisco

San Francisco to Seattle

Seattle to Portland

Portland to Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City to Los Angeles

Los Angeles to Las Vegas

Las Vegas to Phoenix


Yeah i know it’s a lot, but please consider joining some legs. Let me know down below and i will ping you!!


Could you add me on the ping list? I’ve been tracking some other flyers @BP-Aviation and @Alboma

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like, midway atoll…? 💀

anyways, looks fun! ill definitely join you for the Hawaii legs


Yes the atoll, seemed like a fun place to go and needed a stopover

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Attention everyone!

Tomorrow at 3:30PM PST…

We will begin my world tour! Our first flight we be KPHX to KDEN!

Please let me know if you want to join!

I’m looking forward to this!

I would like to join you! However I cant join you tmr because of school but I would like to make as many as I can!

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I would also like to join you but unfortunately its 6 in the morning for me

Oh sorry I meant PM

Oh wait I thought it was AM my bad I can join

Ok it will be 6:30PM your time

1 hour u til we get this tour kicked off!!





1 hour 50 minutes

@whyevenbothernaming @American367

Please spawn at the Pratt and Whitney Engine Service in the southwest part of the airport in a CL35!

If you want to join please come join me for this first leg!

I’m sorry i couldn’t come I forgot to check the community

No problem, I’ll be flying tomorrow

what time is it at?

3:30PM PST

Will get this back up tomorrow! I have been so busy lately

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