Prestoni’s ATC tracking thread - [Closed] @N/A

Hey everyone!

I have decided to create my ATC tracking thread! I have made this because I have been in IFATC training for a while now, and want current IFATC users or anyone to stop by the airport im controlling and tell me how I do! I am open for all feedback!

Server: Training
Status: Closed
Airport: N/A

Let me know down below if you want me to ping you when I’m open!

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Please add me to the list thanks

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@Butter575 idk why it said no pattern work you can do pattern work lol

Could you add me to the ping list?

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Yes I will

@Butter575 @Mouse1_HEAVY

How did I do?

@Butter575 you got anything?

Feedback from: General 575


  • Taxi to runway: ✅

  • Taxi to parking: ✅


  • Takeoff / make ___ traffic: 🟧

  • Cleared for the option: 🟧

  • Sequencing: 🟧

  • Exit runway: ✅

Other Feedback:

  • Takeoff clearance should have included a pattern for myself and @Mouse1_HEAVY. On my clearence I received a “Unable pattern work” and on @Mouse1_HEAVY’s clearance he did not receive any sort of pattern entry or anything despite saying in the departure request “remaining in the pattern”

  • Inbound clearing and pattern entry was correct. You probably should have said “enter left crosswind 10L” but downwind also works just fine. You probably should have cleared me sooner, try aiming to send clearance to pattern work aircraft while they are on crosswind or early downwind. I did not receive my clearance until I was almost on base

  • You do not need to send me a pattern entry after I am already cleared into the pattern. The “enter left downwind” and “enter left base” were not necessary. My clearance was also late on the second time

  • You sent a “maintain 170kts until 4mi final” to @Mouse1_HEAVY when that most likely was not necessary. That type of command would only be necessary if there were several inbound aircraft. Your best option for a situation like that would be to send a “adjust speed to follow aircraft” command.

  • On my second clearance I received a “make left traffic” with it. You would only include that in a clearance if the aircraft is either inbound and intends to remain in the pattern or an aircraft requests a runway change

  • Exit runway was good, I was not paying attention to what speed you sent it at but rather focused on what you would include in the exit runway command. You did say everything correctly with the “expedite traffic on final” part being added since @Mouse1_HEAVY was on a close final

  • Go around was barely caught. If you see an aircraft that looks like it will not be exiting quickly enough and another aircraft is on a close short final, it is your best bet to announce a go around. It is better to be safe than sorry

  • When @Mouse1_HEAVY requested a “departure to the north” that means that the aircraft intends to leave the pattern and in that case you would approve the departure, then give a handoff (freq change aprroved)

It was not a terrible session for your first time, but there are some things that could definently need some improvement. I would take a glance at the ATC manual to get a good understanding of everything or watch some ATC tutorials. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Tag me next me next time you open


Thank you for the feedback!

Yeah I’m not sure when I cleared you for departure it said no pattern work🤷‍♂️

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@Butter575 @Andy_Garrett @whyevenbothernaming

I will open again tonight in 50 minutes!

  • Takeoff clearance should have included a pattern for @Butter575 and myself. On my clearance I didn’t get a direction of traffic. Take your time w/ the takeoff command for remaining in the pattern, remember there has to be a way for that aircraft to turn to come back…if you get to the > and you didn’t give a direction, go back and make sure you clicked correctly. We want to be correct and efficient but even I have had to send standby correction.

  • Inbound clearing and pattern entry was correct.

  • It is not needed to give pattern entries on patterns after established in the pattern, the Pilot should know what to do. Give a entry or command if you need to modify the approach as extend downwind or another command

  • Correct command on change runways

  • It is the pilot responsibility to maintain the rules of flight, @butter575 is correct…if there are multiple aircraft commands can work in your favor but if they do not then send that aircraft on a GA. The first pattern for @Butter575 the Alaska should have been given a speed command…nothing good is going to happen with anyone doing over 220 knts in the cone. Your best option for a situation like that would be to send a “adjust speed to follow aircraft” command. Experienced pilots would normally maintain about 160 or less when given that command to maintain at least a 4 mile separation.

  • Once you establish direction, you do not need to issue the command unless you are changing the direction…once you say left, the Pilot will always turn left until commanded the next traffic direction.

  • You have to call the GO AROUND quicker, if I see a aircraft at 2nm and the aircraft on the runway is barely at 100 knts, its automatic for me no matter if they are slamming on the brakes.

You did a good job personally, there are some things that need some polishing but trust me, I was once where you were and its information/criticism overload. I took everything someone told me and started getting just the takeoff commands correct, then pattern commands, sequencing and once you start to get everything made easy for yourself, everything will be natural. Let me know if you need anything or PM for questions. Find me controlling and come fly patterns at my airport if its not busy.

NOTE: What made me slow down and notice my mistakes was I would say the command aloud, what I said should be what I am clicking. To be honest, I still do that today when I control.

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I thought of you to slow down because from my angle it looked liked you were already turning base while butter was on base, and looked like you were going to fast.

Thanks for the feedback!

Oh my god I’m the worst at joining events I’m soooooo sorry but ping me when you’re open thanks

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That was intentional, your command is not incorrect to slow me but if you gave me adjust speed, extend my downwind and then you determine when you want me to turn base you could create more space. Honestly, we wanted to see you call the go around. When you told me to turn base, I was very close and would have had to immediately slow or it would have been close.


@SamB777 @Butter575 @whyevenbothernaming @Andy_Garrett

I am now open again at KPDX!

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If you spawn in please don’t request anything yet I have to do something

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