Preston_Stanberry1's ATC Tracking Thread - CLOSED @N/A

Welcome to my ATC ts tracking thread! I will be using this for when I want to open up an airport. I want to become IFATC someday but I don’t feel ready.

Current Airport
John F Kennedy International Airport [KJFK]


Atis information X-Ray: Landing Runway RWY 13L 13R and 22R. Departure runway RWY 13L 13R and 22R. No pattern work allowed file flight plan before contacting ATC. Wind 14005KTS . Temperature 11 degrees Celsius. No intersection departures. Local time 17:38. Will be open until 18:25.


This should go in ATC btw. You had it in ATC but just moved it back to general…

Thanks for the recommendation

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Here’s a little bit of advice:

You can streamline your operations via an ATC tracking thread. No need to delete your post, just edit it so it looks a little something like this.

You can edit your tracking thread whenever you open up a different airport. Happy controlling!


You haven’t edited your title for 23 hours, are you still open?

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