Preston_D's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Thanks for the clarification. 😁

Hey guys! I’m open at CYTZ on the TS right now, if anyone wants to come help me train, give me suggestions and just hang out feel free!

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I’ll stop by.

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:) Thanks mate!

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i’m coming with the airline of my hometown

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Ahah okay! :)

my game was lagging sorry.

No problem! Glad you came:)

that was the worst landing i ever made

thank god i evacuated afterwards

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Aha, nice flying tho :)

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thanks! 777 is next… watch out!

theres airplane size retrictions… the runway is too short ;c

challenge accepted

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Hey there, I was 6DM. Here’s some feedback.

  • One: you had to sequence me to follow IFP1. You just cleared me directly as number two, which should’ve came after the sequence. On the note of clearing, since you already instructed me to make left traffic after takeoff, you don’t need to say make left traffic when clearing me for the option. Use that for inbound aircraft and planes that have requested a runway change.
  • Two: on my runway change to 24, there was no pattern instruction. A runway change procedure goes like this: pattern instruction, sequence if needed, and then clearance with traffic direction (for pattern aircraft). Don’t clear a plane directly.
  • Three: when I said full stop, do not reclear me to land. Clearing for the option covers a full stop landing, among other things.
  • Four: there was no exit runway command given. Give jet aircraft that command when they’re below 70ish knots.
  • Five: you didn’t anticipate my runway crossing of 26; remember, being proactive is better than reactive. Since I had to cross 26 to get to the parking area, you could’ve cleared me to cross 26 as soon as I was close to that runway.
  • Six: when asking for the frequency change, you simply said frequency change approved. Since I was never given an exit runway command (which contains instructions to contact ground), you should’ve said contact ground.

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’d recommend giving the IFATC manual a quick glance just to go over the basic procedures!

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So pretty good for the must part.

  1. When I requested takeoff I said remaining in the pattern you have to say make left or right traffic any time that’s the case.

  2. This isn’t a super big deal but you could’ve sequenced me earlier since there were multiple aircraft about to enter the pattern

  3. Good job correcting yourself when I said I was on final

  4. When IFP1 said he was on left base touch and go you should’ve said already cleared to land avoid unnecessary reports.

Overall good stuff just some minor things that can be fixed in no time! See you next time.

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Thank you for your amazing feed back, I will remember to take this into consideration! Your always welcome to any of my sessions! Have a great day!

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the callsign of @anon41771314 disturbs me

Hope to see you there ;)