Pressure Over The Atlantic

This is a recent video from AOPA, with a transatlantic ferry pilot telling the story of nearly running out of fuel while crossing the ocean. He realizes his auxiliary fuel tank isn’t being pressurized, and therefore not sending fuel to the wing tanks and engine. After some problem-solving, he spends the rest of the 12-hour flight blowing air into the tank in order to keep pressurization — fighting to stay awake and not fall victim to hypoxia.

This is a great discussion about flight planning and risk management. Highly recommend giving it a watch.


That looks really cool Tom. I’m going to watch that as soon as I have a chance.

I like your pfp

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I’ll watch after school. Lmao

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Imma get a cup of hot chocolate to watch this. Looks really interesting!

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This was an interesting and very informative watch! He mentioned he was accustomed to high altitudes but I’m surprised he was able to operate as efficiently as he did when you factor in the cabin was permeated with gas fumes in addition to hyperventilating. He had been ferry flying successfully for so long that complacency started to creep in. Obviously it wasn’t a fun/comfortable experience for him but it takes stuff like this to make the industry safer. Thanks for sharing!


Wow that was very moving to watch.

Don’t think ima need to worry about fuel/ crossing the pond in my glider!

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