Press on While on the Training Server

Ryan Calpito and to be honest…I Love to control at “Quiet” airports…on TS…meaning no arrivals or departures to begin with…and be alone until my first arrival or departure…🤫with an empty airport with calm winds…YOU as the controller…or the PIC can work together to dictate traffic…EVEN WITH NO APPROACH or DEPARTURE .based on PIC & ATC CLEAR communication…let fun have fun…meaning on the training server…IGNORE THOSE WHO DO NOT FOLLOW CORRECT INSTRUCTIONS from YOU…regardless of grade…do NOT get frustrated…provide the BEST…ATC and customer service to CORRECT pilots as you can


Sir, I understand your frustration with the situation presented. This is the training server where some may not know how to operate some of the functions of Infinite Flight still and not understand some stuff. Keep in mind that there’s always going to be those on the training server with not as much knowledge as others due to the fact they may be new. Solution to the situation is to go on expert server. It’s really simple. Instead of looking at the flaws if it’s such a big deal leave the session. There’s always a solution despite the annoying problem that you mentioned. :)


Same thing I do bro.
If users are not following my instructions, I end the session or I ignore them and pay attention to the ones who are following.


Read the post again. He’s saying to just ignore those who don’t understand as a solution :)


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