President's Day Landing Competition @ KSRQ - 201800ZFEB17

Server: Training

Region: South Florida

Airport: KSRQ

Time: 1800Z

NOTAM: *Join us for our annual presidents day landing competition @ksrq in the south florida region. We will have up to 3 judges, pm me to be a judge, comment below for a gate and please in order to be judged use the aircraft listed below, not whatever aircraft you want, as last landing competition this person did the #1 landing but did not us the required aircraft. Thank you

Cessna 172 skyhawk
Cessna citation

We will be using runway 14

Judge 1:@Cpt_Chris
Judge 2:Vacnt
Judge 3:Vacant

Dolphin aviation 1:@Puncakes
Dolphin aviation 2:@Trevor_Miller
Dolphin aviation 3:@Leonard_Paulson
Dolphin aviation 4:@N9827X
Dolphin aviation 5:@Thatguyjustice
Flight train 1:Continental764
Flight train 2:Abunav
Flight train 3:Alika_Kong
Flight train 4:Vacant
Flight train 5:Vacant
Fighter jet 1:Vacant
Fighter jet 2:Vacant
Gate B01:@SuperSupert
Gate B02:@Aviation_glamour
Gate B03:George_Crags
Gate B04:Samuel slater
Gate B05:Ericeskandari
Gate B06:Dossym_makhanov
Gate B07:Julio_mercedes
Gate B08:Tim_arnold
Gate B09:Cem_koyloglu
Gate B10:@Julian10
Gate B11:XxApolloxX
Gate B12:Abishek_Bhattatary
Gate B14:Joshua_Ellender
Rectrix 01:Vacant
Rectrix 02:Vacant
Rectrix 03:Vacant
Rectrix 04:Vacant

Comment below for a gate and we will see you there ;) Thank you! And remember to bring the aircraft that is required to be judged!


I’ll take any gate…

Roger that you have a gate.

I’ll take a gate please

Could I possibly be a judge

If I’m not mistaken the 172 is the “Skyhawk” and The 208 is the “caravan”

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Sign me up!! However I fly B767 Call sign: Delta 702DL. My first competition.😃😃😃😃

Please use on of the aircraft above.

Ok, I will fly 757. Looking forward to it…First time with all of you…

Sounds great… will see you there!

I’ll take any gate please

Roger you have gate!!

i will take any gate.

You have a gate!!! Will see you there

I’ll take Gate B01 please

Hey I’d like to join, may I park in gate B10 I’m going to use a B737-800

I’ll take gate BO2…

Add me please too…

ill take a gate please ill be in a b747 airforce one

Can I have a gate? I’ll be in a 777