Presidential style short flight to Washington

Busy morning earlier at KJFK

Departure at KJFK runaway 4L
Arrived at KIAD runaway 1L

Aircraft: Boeing 737 BBJ
Origin: KJFK
Destination: KIAD
Duration: 1 hrs 16 mins
Server: Expert


Nice shots!

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I like them good job!

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Thanks bud

Thanks, mate

Nice pics 😄👍🏽


Thanks man any feedbacks?

I like it good job, only thing I would say is to make the photos less fuzzy other than that great job 😄👍🏽

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What program to use?

Well I don’t use any programs but I think it may be the device but I’m not sure 👍🏽

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But anyway keep up the good work 😀

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If I use a iPad air will it make a difference?

Thanks man

Most likely yes because I use a iPad Pro

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I think I’ll try it out is it good for the long-haul as well?

Will the battery overheat?

On an IPad Pro ?

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Yes on the ipad

Good Job man! Sadly the quality a bit low, but love them!!

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thanks man