Presidential escort

Would a body like to join me @KTPA on Atc Playground in either an Air Force Aircraft or a fighter jet please tell me so I can plan what I am

Nobody coming?

I can’t make it

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You still up for it? I’ll join

Me too, I guess.
EDIT: Oops it’s tampa, sorry, can’t :/ I think i’ll get Live+ tomorrow.

Yeh with both you guys aircraft?

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I can’t come, sorry.

I can come!😃


I’ll be coming in a C-40B (Air Force 737-700BBJ) my callsign is IFES10

Fine with now?strong text

Yep, sure, I have a lot free time in my hands

I’ll be at Airside A Gate 10

Playground KTPA

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I’ll set the flight plan to KMIA