Presidential Escort - KIAD to EGLL

Hey Community. I was going to use the format needed for Groupflights but we have already departed and I don’t have much Information to Provide. We are currently having a Presidential Flight, From Washington To London, With a tanker also on standby. And I was wondering If there’s any available people that would be willing to join as F-22’s? Flight is anout 6H and you dont have to stay the whole flight! Just respond here for more Info or we can talk on the Infinite Flight Official Discord! Even a second tanker and fighters would be nice!

Link to the Discord ^

Hello there!

I’m glad that you’re interested in sharing the details of your group flight. However, all posts in the #live:groupflights category are still required to abide by the title rules that are found in the pinned topic of the category.

Not to mention, given that this is already a flight that has started, it’s not exactly useful to just point somebody to the Infinite Flight Discord server with no other context. It would be more appropriate if this was better planned in the future.

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Roger that! My bad for that.

The format for #live:groupflights would still be applicable in this category as mentioned. Please view the below topic for further details. Thanks!