President Trump’s Tax Bill will help Airlines

With President Trumps new tax reform airlines are absolutely loving it! In the fourth quarter this year Southwest reported $1.4 Billion dollars decrease in tax. Also Southwest, JetBlue, Alaska, and American Airlines have promised $1,000 bonus’s for all employees. Some people might not be loving the new tax reform but, I know that airlines are.

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Good news though I’m not sure most news companies would report anything positive about trump. This will be one of the positives from the tax changes.


Yes this defintly helps everyone in the airlines business from employees to the whole company.

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Well seems like some employees will be living it!

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Always great to see our President and airlines succeed! There will definitely be more in the future!


Yup this is great because it will give more airlines money to improve things and buy new aircraft which helps the whole industry.

So good to hear! Just be careful that this thread doesn’t spiral into a political warzone…


And that’s what we call the “Trump Effect.” Glad his tax cuts will help many companies and millions of Americans! I’m happy to see airline employees get some extra money :)


$1000 bonus as a result. Impressive! Those pilots are gonna be happy now.


It is a double-edged sword. While reduced taxes will help the bottom line, continued concerns over international trade and his effects on US tourism may hurt airlines. There are some short-term benefits as of this moment, the long-term effects will take longer to untangle. While this leaves more money for CapEx, increased market interest rates may temper actual growth compared to expectations.


Glad to see these big companies giving back to there employees,

rather than being greedy with it and hoard it.


Yeah true but for now for JetBlue Alaskan and Southwest who don’t fly out of the country as much as American it defintly helps.

Decreased international trade can lead to decreased domestic travel as well. Like I said, the full effects haven’t been fully threshed out yet. Airlines are inherently socially progressive organizations due to the nature of their work and the US political landscape may have repercussions. Nothing wrong with reductions in tax, but only looking at the short-term bottom line would be foolish.


Yep, It is absolutely great short term 1-3 years but long term over 5+ years there will be repercussions in areas.

I think I’d be glad to be flying a liner if I did.

Because American airlines, who made 1.9 billion last quarter, totally needs more 🙄

Their workers do though?

Don’t tell me you honestly believe most of that money is going to the workers… even if AA gave a $1000 dollar bonus to every employee most of the money would still go to the company.

Well obviously not all the money is going to the workers but at least some of it is. AA has roughly 113,300 employees so that’s about $113 million going’s towards their workers, which is quite a lot of money if you ask me.

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