Preset FPL's in Global!

Global is heavily anticipated among all of us flyers from what I have noticed. And because information has been released we have learned that separate region travel will be possible! This is amazing because not only can we fly within regions but we can fly to other countries as well. So why do I bring this up? Well, these out of region flights are traveled daily by millions in the real aviation world. However the difference is that we need to write out our own custom FPL’s before flights right now and most likely will have to do the same in global. Now personally it gets irritating mostly because I suck at it and always accidentally give myself these 90 degree turns and it gets on my nerves. Now when I’m in global and I want to fly from JFK to a airport in London, I don’t want to go through the whole 6 hour FPL process so what if I had to go into the options and load the FPL? That would be awesome and save me so much time! I know this was short but there really isn’t much to it just it would be nice if we could load preset FPL’s that have been saved and then simply follow them.

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Already been requested mate.


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