Preserved airliners

Today I did a bit of reading on preserved airliners and got some exciting news!

N661US is now confirmed going to the Delta Flight Museum, most likely in Delta’s current widget livery.
Aurigny is searching for a museum to get their trislander G-JOEY to.
The first 3 787s have all made it to their respective homes
Airbus A400M prototype to Aeroscopia

Some future confirmed donations:

These are supposed to happen but they may not actually happen. We all know what happened to Biman’s final DC-10 *cries quietly in corner with tin hat*

A320-100 (MSN 1) should go to Aeroscopia once Airbus gets their replacement A320neo test aircraft ready.
A350-900 (MSN 2 or 3) possibly also going to Aeroscopia once Airbus is finished with it. Hope MSN 2 goes to the museum (Love the carbon fibre livery)
Airbus A380-800 (MSN ?) also possibly Aeroscopia

Recent donations:

Qantas’ record-breaking 747-400, VH-OJA to museum in Australia
Delta 757-200, DC-9-50 to their own museum
Another Delta DC-9-50 to museum in Carolinas(?)

What is some other news?


Some more:

Airbus A300 to Aeroscopia

RIP Airborne Express Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle

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Save JOEY 😄😄😄😄😄

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JOEY :)✈️❤️

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