Preserve battery life

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I have a question how can i save a lot of battery life during long flights?

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Turn down brightness to minimum, change the camera angle to look only at the sky, enable low power mode.


Low power mode makes a huge difference when doing flights. Highly recommend using it.

It should be clarified that it is the low power mode that’s in the app, not the one on your device. You could find this one in the General section of your settings.

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The real answer, is you really can’t…

Your best bets are:

  • Going into the cockpit view, your phone does not need to stress on producing FPS and graphics across the UI. It is reduced to just the cockpit windows which have smaller dimensions than the whole screen (UI). You can also turn the screen facing down so it is facing the floor of the cockpit not even showing any outside (that would be even better because the phone is focusing on the same cockpit for the whole flight (not any extra climate, or geographic changes that you see during the typical flight).

  • Turn on low power mode (on IOS)

  • Keep it out from under your bedsheets (assuming your sleeping with your phone during long haul), this can increase the chances of your phone getting hot and freezing up your screen due to your processor getting tired out due to heat/UI stress (I recommend keeping your phone in front of a fan).

  • Lower brightness on the device.

  • Turn your graphics down (for the middle portion of flight when you are sleeping/doing other things - or even if you will sit there for the whole flight, if you care about battery that much, then turn them down to lowest FPS/Graphics.

  • If you are using Wifi and not cell, you can switch to Airplane Mode * WITH WIFI STILL ON * so you are not disconnected from server. Airplane Mode actually saves you more battery than Low Power Mode I learned (by a significant amount).

Overall, there is really no way to prevent your device from getting hot. There should be no worry if you have your phone plugged in and your phone gets hot. The fans you put in front of phone are working to cool it down and it does not cause any damage (trust me I have checked


Wherever you are conducting the flight, keep your phone on a non-flammable surface with a charger plugged into it. This will make sure your phone is charging and does not cause anything to get hot while it is charging itself.

If you have any more questions you should ask @ Cameron (lead developer of the UI in Infinite Flight) and he can explain it more. I do not know the exact answers, this is just from experience and knowledge, so there might be something I am getting wrong or missing (Mods & Devs correct me if I am wrong on anything).

Have a nice night/very early morning because it is 1:15am for me haha.



Just like he mentioned. Also turn down the fps to 30 instead of 60

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Quite untrue. If the aircraft in question has a live cockpit, the simulator will constantly be redrawing the displays, regardless of whether you look down or not. As mentioned by other members, looking up at the sky from an external is a much better solution.

If you follow all of the recommended steps in regards to lowering graphics and making battery saving efforts, there is no reason for your device to overheat. The resolution is the one that plays the biggest role, dropping that down makes the difference might and day.

Also untrue. There are only a handful of phone based devices on the planet that contain fans, and none of them have a fruit drawn on the back.

Low power mode in infinite flight drops the FPS down to 10, which also makes a huge difference.

@Agggg it’s highly recommend that you do keep your device plugged in when doing long hauls, but for a short haul there’s no harm in doing it on battery power alone.

If you’re loosing battery when plugged in, that could be a combination of a weak charger, a deteriorating battery or you just have your graphics too high for your device.




Along with all the other steps that the others have mentioned - turn the volume/sound all the way down. This is something that saves me a LOT of battery life and helps charge faster too. It’s quite surprising.

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The overheating is due to the FPS & constant charging of the battery during long-term use (long haul flights).

I said use physical fans for that reason - because iPhones do not have them.


Just trying to make sure the information being given out is correct 🙂

Low power drops to 10.


There’s no arguing buddy, I’m just, as I said, making sure the information handed out is correct.

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Unfortunately this is one of many inaccuracies in your statements. The amount of FPS you get does not determine the development of heat. The load on the CPU & GPU does. And as @Kirito_77 mentioned, the cockpit is one of the last places you’d like to be in terms of that :)

Additionally, initiating a post with “There’s really nothing you can do” and then list a bunch of things?

30FPS, HUD view and the lower screen brightness. Three very simple things.

Changing graphics mid session is generally not recommended as that increases the risk of an app crash.

Please. Facts before fiction :)

Appreciate you trying though!