Presenting: Starz_Flyz STARZtacular Monthly Event Hop!

Hey everyone!

As some might know, I suck at making events, so I’m working to improve them!

So, with that, I’m starting a monthly event open to the IFC. Every Month, there will be a new theme. The destination and time will depend on the theme.

So without me talking a lot and also running out of possible things I could say, here’s the schedule for the upcoming 3 months. No confirmed dates as of yet.


Creepy October

We’ll be flying over Mexico, where one of the biggest Halloween celebrations take place

Remember in November

As we all know, November 11th is Remembrance/Veteran’s day. So, for this November, we’ll be flying from Ottawa, Canada’s capital, to Washington, DC, America’s capital.


Santa’s Sleigh

For December, we’ll be flying over Europe before we cross and attempt to land at the northen pole.

Please Note, Santa’s Sleigh will NOT take place on December 20-30th as that is a time for you and your family to celebrate, and I want to respect that.

And January,

Champagne Popper!

For the New Year, we’ll be blasting out of New York, on our way to London. New York and London have some amazing New Year’s Eve Celebrations, so why not celebrate with the Infinite Flight Community?

Please Note: This will also not take place from January 1-5 as that is also family time and I respect that.


Creepy October is out! Go and join the fun!

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Congrats and I hope you get good attention to your events. I’m making an event featuring 5 airports in the same vicinity all at once 😜


That’s uh… gonna be hard being at all at once…


That’s kinda the point 😂

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