Presence of controllers on Server Expert / Présence de controleurs sur expert serveur

Why are there almost or very few controllers on the server expert while in percentage there are a few more planes flying on this server than the training?

Pourquoi y a t il quasiment ou très très peu de controleurs sur l’expert serveur alors qu’en pourcentage il y a un peu plus d’avions qui volent sur ce serveur que celui du training ?

Most controllers are either at work or school, or busy with life. Remember, IFATC are volunteers, and may not be available 24/7


There are multiple answers.

  1. Different time zones
  2. Life

Well, since most controllers live in America, they’re mainly asleep during this time. However, during the day (around 13:00z to 3:00z) there are a lot more airports open.


Les membres de IFATC ne peux pas controller a tous temps. Ils ont des vies aussi. Aussi, plusieurs des members sont de les Etats-Unis, et ces’t minuit maintenant, alors ils sont en train dde dormir.

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Most likely asleep as it is 1:12 AM in East Coast U.S right now. Or busy with life.

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also there aren’t as many people able to control on expert server and on training anyone could just go on

I’m sure that if you’d like a greater presence of ATC, you could just change the time of day that you fly. For example, at one point we had over 30 frequencies open simultaneously yesterday, so that would have been a great time to fly.

All of the traffic tends to only go to one or two of the day’s featured airports. It rarely is evenly spread out so it’s hard to open other airports. It’s pretty boring to sit at an airport for 1 hour with no traffic, we’re required to open for at least 1 hour at Bravos and 30 minutes at Charlies/Deltas.

Even when you keep something open for hours you still get nothing sometimes, which is fine.


Maybe a little bit off-topic, but the same for the Traning Server, most of the people are only flying to big hubs, therefore others have sometimes only 1 or 2 aircrafts inbound in 1 hour :-).

Well people just steal little except events because everyone notices the few controllers. if the airports were more open there might be more people. on the training it’s almost open all the time. EGLL KLAX or KSFO are those that are open almost 24h / 24
after I understand the controllers are volunteers with professional and personal lives outside IF what is me case of bcp.
When the developers are rich maybe in 10 years we can pay people to do just that … lol

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