Preparing for the IFATC Exam

I am about to attempt to join IFATC, and I am not a good test taker what’s the best way to prepare for the written? Thanks


Watch the ATC tutorials on their YouTube is what I did.


I would also have the basic diagrams for patterns to help you visualise the questions. Also paper and a pen may help you if you need to see things visually.


You sound like my daughter.

If you know the material, you know the material.

As with everything in learning: repetition, repetition, repetition.


beat me too it, sound like both my daughters lol


Just part of me lol, thanks gents


Goodluck! Don’t rush the questions, you have a lot of time. If it helps you, take a blank paper and try and visualize the scenarios, they can help a lot.


Know the videos backwards and forwards. Take your time. Pen and paper. Pencil would work too… I used a pen, but I feel confident that a pencil would also suffice.


Writing medium is extremely important. You will also be tested on penmanship.


Crap I’m screwed


Why is that? The knowledge is what really matters here and don’t worry if you fail, least you know what it entails and you can easily learn from it.

I personally had my computer and my iPad with one image. No pen, paper or anything but it may help to sketch out various scenarios. I don’t want you to think it’s necessary though :)

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Sorry should of added lol for the joke since some one said They judge penmanship


Read the ATC manual, should be very helpful:


I passed the Written test. Just take your time. Look back over EACH SECTION before you go to the next because you will not have the opportunity to go back. Lastly, be confident. You can do this. Remain calm and don’t second-guess yourself. Trust your instincts and you will get an easy pass.


I like how all the IFATC members are giving you suggestions :), just like all said, you can watch the tutorials and make yourself familiar. You can also contact an IFATC tester like @dush19 or @jakcharvat


Hi there!
Don’t be intimidated by any of the two tests. If you know the material, sit down in a calm environment and concentrate for 20 minutes just on the test, you’ll be fine.

To get familiar and accustomed to the material, read through the main posts in #tutorials and watch the videos on the IF YT. Heck, you can even just watch other ATC-related videos, just make sure they’re by someone who knows what they’re talking about. Whilst not everything from real-world ATC applies to IF, a lot of the core concepts will.

When you’re testing, sit down, concentrate and don’t panic. As others have said, have an image of the traffic pattern by you to help you. And be sure to draw on it to help you visualise the scenario-based questions. When you’re done with a section, check it over.

Honestly, chill out. Everyone in IFATC has taken the test. You’ll be fine. And if you fail, don’t give up. Look at what you got wrong, and learn from it. You have two changes for a retake ;)

Good luck, and feel free to PM me if you have any questions (before or after you take the test, I’m not going to do the test for you 😁).


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Hi there @RotorGuy,

You are just exactly like me as @anon66442947 and @Julius97 can vouch for me on that one.

I would suggest having a go at making up your own scenarios and see how you can accomplish that task by just using some paper and pen and do this multiple times with diffrent possibilities that could go wrong or just how to simply control a normal traffic pattern. Then make quiz yourself on how this can be done in the appropriate manor. That’s how I managed to pass after many attempts. I would also advise that you ask the best community of people on the IFC to help you practice these scenarios on the TS and you will succeed easily.

Happy Luring,

IFATC - Gliding C


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