Preparing for fixed up A330 - v speed tables anybody?

I am using the waiting time for the update to “prepare” myself for the A330. Does anybody have v speed table for the 330ties? Would be great if you could share it.

Found this with a simple search into Google ;)

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s a start. Was hoping anybody might have a full table for all different weight and flap combinations.

I’ve been digging for this the best I could find was a A330 Vapp table in kg/tonnes-and even that was imbedded in an Airbus slideshow presentation.

Ok . I found this now. image


Ha. One more .

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@airbavaria would you mind terribly either posting or PM’ing me the links please?

Also, here’s the Vapp calculation process-there are weight tables in this slideshow.

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