Preparing for expert

I’m getting very close to my Grade 3 promotion, as and such very close to expert. While I would love to fly on expert, I’m a bit worried about my skill as compared to other pilots there. Is there anything I should know and/or practice to avoid getting ghosted?


Read through these topics:

Edit: FYI, I don’t mean spend 15 hours memorizing each detail. Just focus on the topics relating to ATC especially and things specific to the Expert Server.


Follow every ATC command !!!
Dont go thru other aircrafts, wait your turn, dont cut off other pilots and do a flight plan for every flight.

  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Don’t fly like it is casual
  • Be nice to others
  • Look around and go with the flow.
  • Have fun!

Believe it or not, its not like the old KNUC. Hard to believe it though…


Just have common sense when it comes to you taxing with other aircraft like know when to give way and all that and just like the others saying follow atc commands and you will do great.

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  • Follow ATC instructions at all times.

  • Make sure you’re not overspeeding below 10,000ft (250knots max) or while taxing

  • Don’t fool around (especially in active airspace)

  • Also when taxing don’t taxi through people or cut in line, it’s rude and will probably get you ghosted if there is ATC

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I had the same worry as you when I was grade 2. As long as you understand ATC commands and don’t do anything silly, you’ll be absolutely fine.

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Read through and study the tutorials on both the IFC and youtube and you should have all the knowledge that is needed to fly on expert.

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Nothing new on expert, just don’t mess ANYTHING up when there’s an active ATC ;)


It’s okay to make mistakes, just learn from them and correct them next time… IFATC controllers aren’t there just to ghost you, theyre there for you to learn


Be polite to people, if there is someone who is about to exit the runway in front of you, stop for them and if they stop as well, flicker your landing lights so they know they can get through


True - some ATC controllers might not ghost you at all for you’re mistakes, they help you learn from them :-)


Flying on expert is all about awareness. Be aware of aircraft around you, and adjust accordingly. That and be familiar with every ATC instruction.

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I don’t understand why you all are saying stuff like “don’t mess up when there’s ATC”. It should be don’t mess up at all on the Expert server


I don’t understand why everyone is repeating the same thing…hmm…

  • Watch were you go on the ground. I’ve seen numerous instances (in other servers) where pilots taxi in opposite directions along the same taxiway, and some don’t even bother to give way.

  • Be patient, Don’t barge or cut in line for departure/arrival

  • Use Unicom (It really helps a lot)

  • Be prepared to perform go arounds (No tolerance for runway incursions usually)

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If you just be polite, try and make everyone else’s flight easier, you’ll be fine. Don’t do things in a rush. Gets you a long way on expert…


I was almost ready to get grade 3 and it seems an aTC threw 4??? Violations at me and now I have to wait 7 days it seems. Ugh!!!

I’m an IFATC and just the fact that you took this time to ask this question, to ensure you will do the right thing, motivates me to note down your call sign and grant you immunity for your first few errors.

I so totally wish all new pilots would take the time to learn and prepare before flying on expert.

I salute you! Can’t wait to see you in the skies!