Preparing for a Long Haul Flight.

Hi guys so I am flying from London to Johannesburg tomorrow, I am flying the A330-300 South African Airways its a 12 hour flight how do I prepare for it and the A330 how is it as a Long haul new to flying it.

Use FPLtoif for fuel, weight, flight plan, and step climb. Download or use IFAssistant for V-Speeds and auto stepclimbong. It also will give you a soundscape. Finally, scedual the flight to takeoff and landing around a time. For exampel., If I take off at 9:00pm my time I need to be at my device aboute 8:30 my time to prepare for decent. Feel free to ask questions

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Ensure all of your pre-flight planning is done (use FPLTOIF) and you will be good to go. Make sure you have put in the right amount of fuel, passengers, and cargo.

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Thank you so.much im so.nervous first ever 12 hour flight but wil defos use that info thank you so so.much how does step climb usualy work.

Thank you so.much I really do appreciate it so.much wil use the apps for fuel ballance and cargo and pax✈✈

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You will probably start in the FL310-FL330 range and climb to around FL390 in 2000 ft intervals. The app I recommended sets the step climb to be done in the span between 2 waypoints, setting the autopilot as it needs. EX: I have 4 minutes to climb 2000 ft, the VS is set to 500fpm

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Here’s a tutorial

Don’t forget to also restart the device, so the RAM is cleared up, clear the scenery cache and perhaps set Your graphics to Low, so that the device doesn’t crash.

During your long haul I suggest to turn down your brightness and turn down volume to conserve power. Keep your device charged the duration of the flight as well. Depending on your device it may help more to turn down the graphic settings to also conserve battery life as well.

Highly recommend use of IFAssistant as well. Once you have loaded your flight plan into IF then go back to IFA and you can program in the step climbs as per your flight plan from FPLTOIF. I use this all the time and never have an issue with long hauls.

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