Prepare for landing...still newbie

hello guys
after almost a week of using IF i was able to take off and follow the FP to reach my destination airport, the new learning curve now is landing. I have read and watched a lot and practiced the short final but i still find so many variables that i cant link together.
the flight i am flying is from Chicago KCGX to Chicago KRFD. I am flying at an altitude of 14000 at a speed of 300. I would like to know what preparation for landing i need to do with regard to the following:
1- how far/close do i start the descent
2- what VS
3- what speed

This may be helpful -

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Hello Sir! And Welcome to the community!

About your question, I mainly try and descend at aroun -1700FPM at around 200 knots, using Spoilers if necessary.

Also use this if necessary.