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Hello, I saw some topics about help with ground school, and because I applied for being ATC for the DFS (Germans flight security agency that handles all the ATC ops) I wanted to make this topic to ask for advice. The number of selected applicants compared to the number of total applicants is very low, because everybody needs to go through a selection process that consists out of multiple tests. And while I am not worried about the English language part, I am slightly worried about the part where they test your abilities when it comes to Air Traffic Controlling. I know that they test things like concentration, teamwork, and multitasking but I am not 100% sure as the agency keeps the applicants in the dark about this. I now wanted to ask if other people on the IFC are also real-world ATC, and if so, what was featured in those tests, and how you did prepare, or how I can do so for those.

Thanks for helping!


Hey Maximilian.

I too intend to apply to the DFS later this Year and have attended a so called “Recruitment Day” which has helped answer most questions I had. More information on this can be found here: Entdecken Sie (online) die Ausbildungs- und Arbeitswelt unserer Fluglotsinnen und Fluglotsen | DFS Karriereportal

Additionally you can try out some games on the internet that test your coordiunation skills and multi tasking abilities. This too, is covered on the website of the DFS: Fluglotsen Web-Games | DFS Karriereportal

Since the Tests are different in every country this only applies to Germany. One of the best learning Apps I know of is Infinite Flight. The IFATC Team can prepare you for real life ATC in some ways, such as multitasking or working with a team (of course it´s not entirely like the real thing, however it can help you to prepare for the entry tests.

I hope this helps you, feel free to send over a PM if you want to have a Private chat in german about becoming a Controller in Germany. As a sidenote, I believe this should be in the #real-world-aviation category, however it looks like you currently can´t post in there due to your TL. Hoever the #general category should also work for now.


Thanks! I am indeed training to get back into IFATC bc of my application since I left last summer, and I also attended the Recruitment Day, but thanks for showing me the games! I didn’t know them so far and I am gonna try them out! I’ll try to hurry up the process of rejoining and hopefully this’ll give some more confidence…
Thanks again for helping! I’ll get back to you via a dm if I have more questions!

Am I not member?

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