Premium class seats

How come Infinite Flight didn’t add the Premium class seats like on most wide bodies and there are some new A321s with the premium seats for trans-Atlantic flights?

The reason seating is limited on aircraft and definition is due to the amount of polygon usage.

What I am saying is, the more they have to render in because of HD seats, it causes more strain on the app and device.

If others want to tag in or correct me, go right ahead.

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Every airline has a different configuration anyways. If the A321 had a cabin (which it doesn’t) it wouldn’t make sense to have lie-flats on a Spirit livery.


Adding on to what others have mentioned above, having to model a unique cabin for each livery depending on configuration and which seats the airline uses in real life would significantly increase development time when there are other areas to prioritise.


I think the development team aims for the most efficient, most generic interior.

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Yup, you’re probably right. All economy keeps it nice and simple.

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