[Premiere!] World's Shortest A380 Flight In Infinite Flight! OMDB-OOMS

[Premiere!] World’s Shortest A380 Flight In Infinite Flight! OMDB-OOMS

Today, I asked my long-haul (Ironic, cause this is a short flight) group team, about what short-haul to fly today. I had three options, and after much voting, I finally chose Dubai-Muscat in the Emirates A380-800!

I flew up to the Arabian night skies… breathtaking views at night time, but don’t take my word for it! Watch it below!

I will also be holding a premiere in 2 minutes, so if you click on the video and go to YouTube, you are welcome to ask any questions or comment in our live chat!


Premiere In Progress!

Premiere ended!

I hope you all enjoyed the video!

Great video! It’s fun seeing the t
ail view of the A380 because it makes it look longer than it is lol


Thank you @Drummer! Hope you enjoyed it!

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I did indeed enjoy it

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The surprising thing is that is a real route !

Nice editing skills and your landing was perfect .

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Thank you @Shatti! Appreciate it!

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Looked like a great flight! I gotta try this sometime.

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Pretty cool video! Hope to see more… Interesting pushback… 😁

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Yep, had to exercise own pushback there.

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Any suggestions for my next flight (After the RJTT-KIAD event)? Post them below!

That was awesome! Emirates have to use a whale because they don’t have a BabyBus. 😂

Richness 100

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