Preflight IF - 2.3 out on App Store

Hey folks,

New version of Preflight IF is now rolling out on the iOS app store. I fixed some important issues and added a handful of new features, hope you enjoy.

If you have feedback or suggestions then get in touch either in the comments or via the app, which now supports direct email to support.

Thanks to everyone who has used the app so far :)


I may have to get this great job 👊🏻

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I;m looking to purchase it. In terms of the diagrams, how many are accessible?

At the moment just three, but I’ll add more over time - I based it on what you typically get questions about in this forum, and what was available without a big copyright headache. If you have any suggestions to add, then get in touch and I’ll see what I can do

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Ok sounds good Alexei. Great work on the App, looks amazing!

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Thanks for all the kind words so far :)

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Just bought it, will happily give it a try.

Best of luck with the continued development 👍🏻

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