Preflight Checklists


it would be cool to go through a preflight checklist prior to taxi and takeoff. that includes start up of engines

Infinite Flight Checklists

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To be honest, We don’t need that. I always do my checklist before landing takeoff. Gear down? Lights on? Speed? Stabilized? Spoilers armed?

Landing checklist

i love this idea😉😉😉


I like the idea of having to start the engine. Also maybe being able to shut the engine off at anytime to.



A check list is something you have on hand in your flight bag. Not something that’s input into the plane.


Newer planes do actually have electronic checklists which appear on the display, for example the 777 and 787.


So you want this implemented on 2 plane models? What do you Think their back up is?


There is this game 787 something thAt had a checklist


Well people on this forum have already designed a checklist to be used for your flight


It would be useful if there was more stuff that actually had to be done. Right now it’s pretty simple and easy to understand. Let’s bring this back up when we have to start worrying about fuel mixtures, APU, etc…


There should be a difficulty setting.
New Pilot, Experienced and Veteran airline pilot


I don’t work for an airline or manufacturer so what I want is irrelevant. What is a 2 plane model?


Nice idea man i love it!!