Preferred STARs as part of ATC schedule

I was wondering if we would incorporate preferred STARs (or at least, a list or entry points to preferred STARs) as part of the ATC schedule, so pilots don’t have to worry about approaching from tbe wrong direction. Just like the old days when TFR rings were used for STARs at big events. Also this give a change for the community to point out problems, such as when the preferred STAR is for props instead of jets (ideally both should be preferred anyways).

Two sets may be needed for airports with different STAR entries of course.

If they put STAR in the schedule, and if the winds change what happens?

Sadly you cannot because we do not use the same runways all the time


I can see what you’re thinking of, but the issue here is the STARs can change at any time. They can change based on traffic loads, weather, runways in use, or even controller preference.

Luckily with the D-ATIS, we can now adjust our FPLs well in advance of descent!


Regarding winds, there are STAR’s which cover all runways so that wouldn’t be an issue

You’re absolutely correct, but there are STARs that cover only one set of runways. Say there’s a STAR that supports only 27 at KSAN which is listed on the schedule but then winds favor 09, there is no choice but to switch STARs.


I specifically said STAR entry point. At most airports these are the same for both directiions.

It’s not just winds. It also depends on the controller, and what they personally prefer, and how many frequencies are open. Personally if I were the only person and working tower, I’d probably only have one or two STARS turned on. But if I also had a center and approach, I’d have more flexibility to turn on more STARS. It all depends on the circumstances

The problem is if there is only one or two STAR open, and they are all straight down ffrom like FL280, you are gonna be sent on a very long detour if you are coming from the wrong direction and it’s very unrealistic.

Also why does tower care about STAR?

The very long detour isn’t unrealistic. My home airport is Chicago’s Ohare airport, and there are times where they’re landing over the lake. So, some arrivals from the west need to take a detour all the way though the middle of Wisconsin sometimes to be able to land. Our use of STARs actually couldn’t be any more realistic.

You also ask why Tower cares about STAR. Well first off, for the most part, Tower is in charge of the ATIS, and generally speaking, is in charge of where he/she wants traffic to go. Especially if tower is by themselves, setting a STAR helps us organize our traffic without major conflict, as they enter our airspace already organized and for the most part sequenced. Before the update, it would be very common to have airplanes bombarding you from every direction, making sequencing without approach impossible. Now, it helps out a ton.

I should have clarified the problem is if I am coming from the south, and the open stars are from NE and NW or something like that. Yes STARs contain detours, but plane usually don’t fly past the airport, then make a 180 to join a STAR on the other side (unless the pilots got distracted…) Plus the preferred STAR could have changed by then as well.

I respectfully disagree. Before 20.1, approach may have had you fly back and fourth past an airport multiple times in their sequencing. If anything, this is more effective.

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