Preferred landing view

hey guys what’s ur preferred view while landing, I either use the hud screen or the undercarriage view,
Interested to see what other people use😃😃



HUD/Cockpit. Undercarriage view for landing? You will be seeing runway from between wheel?

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Yes hud/cockpit only way to fly 😎

Yeh not ideal, just like the view

Have you ever landed with no HUD at all in cockpit view because i cant even though the callouts till work

I can land without HUD but it is by no means smooth or ideal

The same for me i can end up landing in the grass at 100fpm

I mean 1,000 fpm

How do you turn off the HUD

Cockpit view, no HUD for me on landing, it’s too cluttered!

I use HUD to align myself. When I am 100% sure that I am on the GS and aligned with the runway, I shift to cockpit view. When I can’t see the runway, I remain in HUD! 😉

@qf737400 it’s HUD-2 on far left top box out of 3. If you set your interface time out to 2sec, you’ll have full view after 2 seconds. You can’t completely turn it off. If you don’t touch the screen you will have empty view.

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Always HUD (without cockpit).

Cockpit doesn’t have enough fov for landing imo…

HUD/cockpit feels more real!

I use HUD-1, I don’t like the map if I have high visibility, it just crowds the screen. If there is poor visibility I would use the map to guide me.

I use HUD/ cockpit if its a non ILS approach i try to zoom to watch the PAPI lights

yup pretty much HUD/cockpit view…