Predictive Misc. Messages ATC menu

There are a lot of messages under ATC’s “Misc. Messages” menu and based on the features requests I’ve seen (and global) that list only tends to grow. While controlling I try my best to educate (for lack of better word) the pilot when he does an improper request. For example, if a pilot requests frequency change when holding short of the runway, I almost always go to the Misc. Messages menu and send a “you were already instructed to change frequencies” – I believe this is a much better response than the “contact tower at…. “ as it “educates” the pilot so he doesn’t waste time with such request in the future – it helps us creating a better environment for both controllers and pilots.

The problem is - it is much easier to approve frequency change than to find the correct response in the long list of “Misc. Messages” which ultimately leads ATC when busy to:

a) Waste too much time finding the right answer or…
b) Going the easy route and just approving frequency change

Neither option is good. This is just an example, another easy one that comes to mind is a position report when already cleared to land. In any case, here’s my suggestion…

The “Misc Messages” menu should use some logic and put one or two most applicable replies on the top of the list and/or highlighted. For example, if the pilot’s last message is “request frequency change” on the Misc. Messages menu the option “you were already instructed to change frequencies” should be up top. Here are the examples I can think of:

• Pilot: Request frequency change when told to taxi and contact tower when ready
o ATC Misc Messages : You were already instructed to change frequencies

• Pilot: Position reports when already cleared to land
o ATC Misc Messages: You are already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports

• Pilot: ready for take-off
o ATC Misc Messages: No intersection departures
o ATC Misc Messages: You are not cleared to enter the runway, please exit the runway (for when the aircraft is over or past the threshold line)

• Pilot: ready for take-off remaining in the pattern
o ATC Misc Messages: No pattern work accepted at this time

• Pilot: send the same message twice
o ATC Misc Messages: Avoid sending duplicate messages

There are probably more situations that could benefit from this feature, feel free to comment below and I’ll add to the list.


I’m in two minds about this; I think it would disadvantage the IFATC who control regularly who know where the miscs are.

Could work


I see your point but it would be very hard to implement into the game. The best way to fix the issue you are having is just to get more familiar with where the commands are

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Why do you think it would be hard? If you notice the menu already updates based on behavior, like the exit rwy menu that pops up when the aircraft touches down, or runway color coding… so to me this is just basic logic (granted I am not a developer). Maybe it’s less of an issue if you control using a full sized iPad… I don’t, I’m always on a Mini or my iPhone Plus.

I agree all what you said @MannyG , I always give these messages to pilots for instruct them!

I have a question: could someone teach me what does “No intersection departures” mean and when use it, please?

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An intersecting departure is where an aircraft takes off from a spot other then the end of the runway. It’s used in very heavy traffic but we have since gone away from using it at all because intersecting departures can be great for the flow of traffic.

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Oh okay, now I understand, thanks @Brandon_Sandstrom

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It is an excellent idea, but not for people who get used to the command layout. The misc command list is pretty big anyway.

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Yea, for that it is pretty predictable tho.
For misc messages there are some that could be predicted but there are also a lot of more random messages as well.