Predictive ATC Menu for Pilots

This is a good idea

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I was gonna make a feature request for this kind of thing - I find it very messy on approaches when I have to let go of my throttle and scramble to select the right option to communicate to ATC. Especially when hand-flying an ILS approach.

Then I saw this request.

You have my vote.

You know, I’ll be honest… I clicked on this with a reply formulating in my head something like,

“There’d have to be a way to turn this on/off because people like me have developed muscle memory as to where the buttons are.”

But, I have to say you thought this out pretty well and it would be cool to see! I’ve noticed that IF has implemented something like this on Unicom when calling crosswind/downwind/base/final. When you call crosswind, the next command to appear under “Report position” is the next leg you should be on. Interesting idea and I’ll see if I can free a vote!

It is a good idea but I would implement it only in the Training Server. Since that’s the first moment that you start to familiarize with ATC commands, having suggestions there is crucial, but by the time you enter the Expert Server maybe it’s no longer required, and if someone needs it, then they should go back to training. The problem now is that people don’t know which command to use because they didn’t learn how they work, but if they use them correctly since the beginning it’s much easier for them to use the right command later without help.

Yes, but I think the problem is that training server ATC can’t correct pilots and probably don’t even know that the pilot did anything wrong.