Prediction of 2020

What would you think how infinite flight will be and how.
I think we will have all continent scenery because the DEVS are already working on south America.

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I hope, the A350 will come out and being flown a lot. I think Infinite flight will add more liveries and some new, nice features Like taxiway lights a variety among GA and commercial aircraft.

It is too early to start throwing out predictions for 2020 and we haven’t seen all of 2019 as yet, for all we know, some of our 2020 predictions could be 19.2 or 19.3. Let’s just bookmark this idea for the end of the year and, for now, keep all predictions for the near future to one topic :)


My prediction for 2020 is you’ll still have 5-10 people writing “PM the controller” for each “I was ghosted” post.


lol that’s hilarious and true


Thank you. Haha.

Concorde would be out by then (Please God!)

And also some more pilots


Where does it say that I am not allowed to predict infinite flight in 2020?

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If creating topics to predict features for the next decade was allowed people would be making topics for 2050 predictions, please stick with the topic he has provided to avoid cluttering the category with the same type of topics.


Your 2019 predictions can go out to the topic I linked above.

As I said earlier, it’s just too early to start guessing for 2020 and we have only received one out of the three updates set to be released in 2019, with one possibly stretching over to 2020. I agree with @TheWalkingFruit as that would be a complete waste of storage space.

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2020? That’s still 244 days away… or…

  • 21.081.600 seconds (Ever changing unit)
  • 351.360 minutes (Slightly slower changing unit)
  • 5856 hours (Every hour 2020 comes closer)
  • 34 weeks and 6 days (Every 7 days, one week of 2019 is the past)
  • 66,85% of 365 days left (Percentage that is not constant)

Let’s continue with discussing what we think o want to happen this year and focus on the future when the future arrives, shall we? ;)


Would we discuss in PM because you are starting to make a fight out of it and you to @TheWalkingFruit

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Unpopular opinion but…

The red wave sweeps across America!

Oops you meant IF in 2020.

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I was about to say how you got two decimal places, then I rembered you’re European… 😂

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Best way to predict the future is to make it, so I recommend you stop, and vote real quick… 😉

? What do you mean by that???

Hopefully aircraft like the A350 and 777X. I would love working cockpits and 3D buildings, but I don’t think that would happen by 2020.

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We’re not even ½ way through 2019… hold your horses