Prediction for new/reworked commercial plane

What commercial plane you think will be added next?

My prediction will be the A350

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Kind of a given, but alright…


Reworded. It’s going to be the A350 the 777 is already in game. Which will come first the 777 rework or A350?:) 50/50 your pick:)


Technically the 777 is already in game, so it can’t be added. But I digress.


When I first read the title, I expected to come across a topic about the B797, guess I was wrong

Are you talking about reworks and entirely new aircraft? I don’t want to speculate, but we know that multiple aircraft are being created/reworked at the same time, so there may be more options than only the A350 and 777.


More airliners will be reworked but the 777 and A350 are in the rework/build phase so:)

Okay I change the topic to (Prediction for new commercial plane) to (Prediction for new/reworked commercial plane)

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Social media, #announcements and other forms of communication have disclosed the aircraft that are being worked on cough A350, B777… cough, cough.

Might be coming down with a cold. Sorry. 😬